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  Lineage: South America

  Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs

  Onset Time: 45-60 mins

  Duration: 4-8 hrs

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Wonder where to get psilocybin mushroom shipped to you discreetly cryptocurrency, we provide you with the best grade of psilocybin mushrooms. Like many others, you may be seeking the healing benefits of psilocybin mushrooms or truffles.

Before you start exploring this section, please note that psilocybin is an illegal and highly controlled substance in most parts of this world. We only encourage safe, responsible, legal consumption of psilocybin mushrooms in jurisdictions where it is legal to do so. We do not condone any illegal activities and take no responsibility for any decision to partake in said activities.

While medicinal mushrooms may be new to the wellness world and to you, these superfoods have actually been used since the time of the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese for their numerous health benefits. Does a magic mushroom help with depression and anxiety?.

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At Australian Shrooms, confidentiality is top priority and there are no third parties when dealing with us. We reinsure you not to worry about package seizures or interceptions when you buy psilocybe cyanescens – cyanescens, pcilocybe cubensis from us or any psychedelic drugs available. We are very experienced in handling our products delivery without any hassles. All packages are professionally packed, perfectly sealed and non-transparent, so it is impossible to see or smell the shrooms. best magic mushrooms dispensary australia
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